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VS123 Accessories


Square fixture 90 degrees.

This square fixture is designed to accommodate the VS123 and the VS129 sensors. It has three planes on the X, Y, Z axis and has less than 0.2 degrees of error. If you need to indirect calibrate the sensor,  this is the tool to use. It has three set of dual holes, symmetrically disposed so you can attach it to the PS149 (our calibration turn table unit) to fine calibrate each one of the sensible axis individually using a single calibrated turning plane. It is screw assembled with six screws in recessed holes.

Picture here soon!

Price: US$ 195.00

VS123 and VS127 locking USB cables.

These are the two models of USB cables available for the VS123 and VS127 USB inertial sensors.

  1. CVU03 - 3 feet USB A  to locking connector. Price US$ 31.00

  2. CVU10 - 10  feet USB A  to locking connector. Price US$ 38.00


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