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This is one of our strongest branch. Sometimes you need a third party company that has a special expertise to achieve a solution  We design and manufacture high quality electronic systems targeted for motion sensors, animatronics. embedded microprocessors, programmable logic (FPGA and CPLD) and power drives.

Our expertise in development and manufacturing start with the product concept definition and goes on during the product's full lifetime.

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Electronic projects and developments

We have an array of on-demand engineers and technicians working on different fields with different expertise.

From small step motors controllers to Programmable Ladder Controllers. We can offer industrial, laboratory, and scientific research equipment development. We develop prototypes for professionals, students and small companies as well.

Printed circuit board design and manufacture

We design and manufacture almost any type of PCB. Our PCB manufacturer partner give us huge support on this matter.

You save time and money having only one company to deal with and we can offer a complete turn-key solution. Small quantities at reasonable prices.

Software development

Software development in VisualBasic.NET, Visual C++.NET, VHDL, microprocessors C, C++ or assembly language. We have expertise in a broad range of microprocessors brands and speeds to serve almost any project or demand.

If your need is a special input or output module, intelligent solution or high speed device, we design for one or more FPGA (or CPLD) solution.

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