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Accelerometer and gyroscope sensor.

        Spatial positioning and reading, developed for balance in animatronics and stabilization and balance of terrestrial vehicles. Has three piezoelectric solid state gyroscopes (reads rate of rotation in three axis), three accelerometers (on three axis) and temperature sensor. Reads accelerations and spins. Great for balance and/or relative movement. Can read very small rate of spins! Great for slip control, vibration reading, movement detection, etc. in cars, robots and animatronics. USB connector has power from the computer connected. Drivers for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. Comes with software tools to be easily embedded in your application (VC++, Visual Basic, Delphi, EXCEL, Visual Studio .NET and others)

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  3. Applications download  2.8 Mb.
  4. Drivers download  240 Kb.
  5. Accessories.
  6. Software tools 2.9 Mb.
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Touch Sensor Electronics.

        Touch sensitivity for animatronics and androids. Connects thru the parallel port of a PC. Come with drives (.ocx) for Visual Basic, Visual C++, Microsoft Excel, Delphi. Each board connects up to 32 "touch sensors" (FSR - Force Sensing Resistors) with 8 bit resolution. Can be daisy chained up to 4 boards in a single PC parallel port allowing up to 128 points of sense!

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Environment controller for poultry, turkey or pork farms.

        Temperature and humidity controller for poultry farms, controlling six power groups (fans/heaters/feeders) plus two alarms, networked with two curtains controllers and up to four sensors groups. May control barn lights and feeding pumps as well. Self contained, doesn't need external power line switcher (power contactors). Can store up to three different user's programs/sequences.

    Easy open, easy reading alphanumeric display and single knob programming!


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