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Company info

Advanced Controls and Communications is a Las Vegas, Nevada based small company. It was created on November/1999 in Los Angeles, California with the primary objective of mixed signal digital systems design. As in any company size we were forced by customers requirements and new opportunities that came afloat  to expand our market share and knowledge field.

Today we can offer a wide magnitude of services and products ranging from alphanumeric displays boards to  smart input and output hardware systems based in programmable logic devices (CPLD's) and field programmable gate arrays (FPGA's).

Motion sensors with it's respective smart, low power, embedded microprocessors connected as subsystems, is the cornerstone of the modern autonomous vehicles implementations and a myriad of other movement detection systems.

We are open for customers with big ideas and small budgets. Keeping costs reasonably low allow us run small productions and limited budget customers can achieve an expressive market share with products that were cost prohibitive not many years ago.

We have several new projects "cooking" for the coming years. Some to be commercialized by ourselves and others to be developed as OEM for our customers.

We try hard finding the best solutions to help customers and the society as a whole to achieve better living, better quality of life and progress.

If you want to make prototypes or need a low cost, custom made solution, contact us!

Advanced Controls and Communications.

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