Advanced Controls and Communications  

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Software design and test.

High and/or low level software design and test.

Development of high level customized software using Visual Basic, Visual C++,  Embedded C,  FrontPage, Access.

Internet application systems to interconnect equipments and computers worldwide.

Assembly language firmware for embedded systems in instruments, controllers, quality control equipment and digital data acquisition boards.

FPGA and CPLD devices. VHDL design capability. Smart solutions and programming.

Platforms Supported

  • ARM7/9/M3/M4 microcontrollers.
  • Motorola 68HC05, 6809, 68HC11 micro controllers.
  • All Intel/Dallas/Philips and others 8051 family.
  • Texas Instruments MPS430/MSP432 family.
  • Texas Instruments low power RF networks.
  • XILINX  FPGA or CPLD devices.
  • Or any other solution best fitted for your application.

Some Applications

Data acquisition

  • Weather station data logging.
  • Scientific research products.
  • Instruments logging.


  • Environment controllers for poultry and egg industry.
  • Temperature and humidity controllers.
  • Industrial programmable controllers.

Embedded systems

  • Analytical instruments.
  • Robotics.
  • Smart security systems.
  • Vehicle/Truck localization and logging.
  • Global satellite communicators.
  • Wireless global controllers and data acquisition.
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